Audit Services

We offer traditional audit services, which represent a significant part of the firm's revenues. Porter & Lasiewicz abd its predecessors have gone through ten AICPA peer reviews, and have received unmodified reports on each review. Gary Porter, CPA, owner of the firm, is the creator and co-author of two PPC guides, and is a nationally recognized expert with more than 300 technical articles to his credit.

Our audits of homeowners associations are designed not only to be in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP) and association governing documents and state statutes, but also to provide addition insight for our clients.  Because we are so familiar with associations, we can often provide addvice to our clients as part of the audit process.

Our unique capability in today's ever-increasing electronic environment is the ability to audit through the computer. We use a computer "utility" program that allows us to access and use your computer transactions, without ever disturbing any of the underlying data. With our program, we can then manipulate the data in any manner we desire. At times, this allows us to generate information that you are unable to retrieve from your own system. This makes us more efficient in our audit procedures, as we can test vast amounts of data in a relatively brief period of time.

Our audit "workpapers" are also unique. We were one of the first firms to move to a completely electronic set of audit workpapers. Our automated audit workpaper program is built on a MS Windows platform using MS Word and MS Excel and scanned images to create all workpapers, ensuring compatibility and easy transferability of information. Again, because we perform all procedures on the computer, we have become extremely efficient.

Our staff is very stable, which means you get the same auditors back year after year. You won't be stuck having to "break in" and "train" new staff members form the CPA firm every year. It is also our philosophy to have one of the owners of the firm review every audit. And for the larger engagements, partners also participates in the audit field work. By stripping away the administrative layers in the CPA firm, we become more efficient. This means you are getting the direct benefit of very experienced auditors.