Tax Services

The firm's tax services are limited to serving the homeowners association industry.  Mr. Porter is the creator and coauthor of the two leading books on homeowners association taxation.  He has also authored more than 75 articles on homeowners association tax issues.  We offer tax advice and preparation services to our association clients and act as consultants to other CPA firms and tax lawyers representing homeowners associations on IRS audits.  

We are well aware of the risks inherent in homeowners association taxation.  Our primary goal is to limit tax risk for our association clients.  As part of this process we attempt to identify tax planning opportunities to minimize your current and future tax liabilities.

The majority of homeowners associations qualify to file Form 1120-H, and according to IRS statistics, most do file that Form.  Most other associations file Form 1120 as non exempt membership organizations.  Very few associations will qualify as exempt organizations that file Form 990.  This area of taxation, that seems relatively simple on the face of it, is actually very complex.  We have developed a number of articles that explore this subject in depth, which are listed in the "Books and Articles" section of this site.

The firm is well known for tax exemption services for homeowners associations.  Mr. Porter has successfully prepared more than 60 exemption applications for homeowners associations under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(4).  The cumulative tax savings to these associations is more than $20,000,000.  We have developed a separate site devoted solely to this subject which you may access at